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* What are the advantages of Registering with with its cutting edge technology is the fastest route for you to find a perfect job matching your profile within no time. You will receive an email alert within seconds once a job matching your profile is posted.

* How do I register at

Registration at is just a click away from you. Simply click at the "Register" at the top of the home page for job Seekers and click at the "Employer" at the top of the home page for job Postings and to search Job seekers and follow instructions.

1. Register as Jobseeker for Recent job postings .This is Free Account

2. Register as Employer for Job posting and search Job seekers. You can have 3o day Trail Account for unlimited job posting after that you can chose a package monthly (US$14.99) or Yearly (US$149.99).

* What is the process for account Login?

We have made it simple and easy for you. Just click at the "Login" link at the top of the home page to log in to your account.

* Will I be able to update and edit the information on my resume?

You can update your information anytime. Simply log in to your account from the home page. Once you access your account you will see the option for editing your profile/Resume.

* What to do if I forget my Password and want to change my Password?

Click on the "LOGIN" link of the Homepage. Then enter your email and click on "Forgot Password". Simply follow directions to get your New Password.

You will receive an email within minutes from with the information for your New Password. You can Log in to your account  with the new Password and proceed to change it if you wish to do so.

* Can I make my Resume Confidential at

Yes, itecy.comhas provided you with an option to keep your Resume confidential once you log in to your account.

* What is the process for Searching and Applying for Jobs at provides you with thousands of jobs matching your profile being posted by Employers. You have access to all these jobs by simply clicking at the "Jobs" link and entering the information and details. You can view all the latest job postings and can apply to these via the link provided..

* Will I get email alerts to notify me of the new jobs that have been posted at

Your job search is of prime importance for Once you register with us, You will receive an email notification within seconds every time a new job matching your profile has been posted. We have taken every possible step to be the first one to make all jobs available to our candidates so that you can be the first one to apply for these positions.

* I am not able to access my account .What can I do?

If you encounter problems accessing your account, simply send in an email to support team is available to help you 24/7. 

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